Instead of selling

TO the room, sell

through the room

Get referrals without the awkward networking moments

The Biggest B2B Social Networks Are Broken

When was the last time you got a referral from social media?

To get one lead off a B2B Social network, you will need to send thousands and thousands of outbound messages. Do you really have the time for that?

What if You Could

Get a Steady Stream

of Referrals Without:

Why Join

Network Bounty?


Create Passive Income


Earn through Warm Introductions


Get warm business referrals


Track all referrals in the Network Bounty website


The group pays for itself

Sell through the Room

In Network Bounty, you will have a committed community of high value professionals sending referrals to you, and you will do the same for them. You won’t have to spend a penny upfront, like you do when you buy appointments from marketing agencies.



You won’t have to post on social media


You won’t have to hire a social media manager


You won’t have to hire a cold email company


You won’t have to hire an advertising agency


You won’t even need a website to generate leads

How does it work?

Step 1

Join an Info Session

Log in to the weekly Info Session on Zoom, Thursdays at 1:00pm EST. Brian Carmody will explain the program. You ask your questions and determine if this method of sales growth works for you.

Step 2

Sign Up

During the Info Session, we'll give you a sign-up link in the Chat.


Showup & Introduce yourself

You'll be assigned a "home" group, but you'll have access to all of them. Join a group meeting and the let the group leader facilitate introductions. No work on your part other than explain what you do and who your ideal client is so that people can start referring business to you.

The members will know what you do and refer people to you. You will do the same for them.

Why is Network Bounty different?


The commitment that everyone makes to the group makes it special.

Network Effect

In social networks there are no commitments, so everyone is selling to each other instead of through each other.

Referral Tracking Software

Network Bounty has special referral tracking software that makes it easy to get paid from your referrals.

Setup your profile

You will include the following info in your profile

  • The information about what you do

  • Your website

  • Calendar link (so members can book appts with you)

  • Email

  • Phone Number

Show up to zoom meetings

The following will happen:

  • You introduce yourself

  • You will provide your offer and your targeted niche

  • You’re going to see what your co-members offer and who they are targeting as well

  • You will be placed in one-on-one zoom breakout rooms so you can get to know each other and get referrals with one another

Get Access to CRM

In the Network Bounty Website, you will have access to a CRM that will keep track of referrals.

No worries, we have support that will show you how easy it is to use. You will be able to track the following on the website:

  • You will be able to track referrals sent to you

  • You will be able to track referrals that you've sent to other members


    • Track deals you've referred

    • Track deals referred to you

    • Track referral fees owed to you

    • Track referral fees from deals you've closed

    • See who the Top Referral-Givers are, and schedule time to get to know them!

Does This Work?

What our group accomplished:

Almost $10M in closed business from referrals

Over $7M in pending referrals currently

One member closed over $800,000 in new business from referrals

Members have earned referral commissions as high as $15,000 from a single referral

More ways to get passive income

Referrals on autopilot

As we invite more people to the group, you will get more referrals

Become a Group Leader

Network Bounty has groups and each individual group has a group leader. And here comes the good part. If you are the group leader, you would be paid $500 per month plus 5% of the referral commissions that happen in your group.

What’s holding you back?

Monthly member dues are only $100 per month, equivalent to dinner for 2 in any major city. You can’t even get a successful Facebook ad for a price that low!

Your $100/month dues get you:

  • Schedule as many private meetings with other members as you want

  • Attend 2 group connection meetings per month led by our Connection Facilitators and you’ll meet at least 8 new networking partners every month

  • You are able to invite your clients and prospects to to join Network Bounty…most people do this to strengthen the bond with their prospects and clients and connect with them as colleagues instead of as a salesperson. Imagine how your life would change if your relationships with your prospects and clients were on this level. Watch how your sales benefit from this goodwill and their desire to reciprocate.

  • Trackable referrals

  • Trackable referral fees

  • Access to a CRM that grows for you while you’re sleeping or on vacation

  • Warm introductions to new prospects. “84% of people start the buying process through referrals.” –The Harvard Business Review

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